‘a superior natural adaptogen’

The generic termDeer Velvet’ is the name given to the Antlers of male Deer & Elk during growth, before they harden into weapons of protection & aggression. The annual removal of the Antlers at the half-grown stage prevents injury, as well as yielding the valuable raw material that is processed into the Antler Velvet based supplements that are so prized in TCM for their positive health effects.

The Antler is removed, without detriment to the animal, by a method approved by New Zealand’s Animal Welfare Council.

Antler Velvet is what is known as an ‘adaptogen’. An adaptogen is defined as a natural substance that has the ability to normalise an organism’s biological activity, should it be out of balance. This enhances ability to adapt to & and resist stress, disease, degeneration, toxins, and external influences that can cause major problems to our wellbeing.