‘A powerful  anti-inflammatory’

Today Antler Velvet is being use to encourage:

  • Arthritis relief & joint health.

  • Immune system enhancement

  • Anti-aging

  • Circulatory system enhancement & normalising

  • Faster recovery from stress & injury

  • Faster recuperation from surgery and illness

  • Enhanced fertility & libido

  • Enhanced strength, endurance & athletic performance

Antler Velvet can be taken either as a protective supplement or as a restorative therapeutic tonic.

Users of Elk & Deer Antler Velvet report significant relief from the symptoms of arthritis, rheumatism, muscular & skeletal problems, resulting in less pain, more mobility & less morning stiffness. Others report a noticeable absence of flu and/or the common cold since taking velvet, & faster healing of wounds & fractures with less swelling.

Still others have found Antler Velvet to improve cardiovascular health by reducing cholesterol & blood pressure levels, thinning the blood and reducing the possibilities of clotting.

It has also been found to boost blood oxygen levels, there-by assisting to enhance energy and stamina.

‘Significant protective & Restorative effects’