‘a rich, natural source of bioavailable nutrients…’

Antler Velvet represents the only renewable form of cartilage.

Scientists have identified at least 12 minerals & elements as well as many compounds & nutrients that give Antler Velvet its unique composition, & support the extraordinary values attributed to it.

Antler Velvet is a fast growing biologically active tissue, & a rich source of amino acids, fatty acids, steroids & growth factor hormones. It contains calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, sodium, potassium, sulphur & also trace elements iron, zinc, manganese, copper and selenium; all in a readily bioavailable form. Velvet is loaded with beneficial collagen, prostaglandins, phospholipids, proteoglycans, polysaccharides & glucosamine sulphate.

It is important to note that Antler Velvet is a totally natural product & has no known adverse side effects.