Wapiti Park Antler Velvet products are produced from farmed New Zealand Deer and Elk, farmed on the lush pastures of specialized Deer farms close to the Southern Alps of the South Island of New Zealand.

Our Velvet is harvested from mature stags and is removed from the animal at the optimum stage of growth that ensures that the maximum level of active growth factors are present and before any calcification takes place.

Animal welfare is paramount and the Antler is removed from the animal under strict NZ Government protocols and Vetenary guidelines to ensure that the animal suffers the minimum of stress.

Once removed the Antler is frozen to maintain its quality and avoid bacterial contamination and deterioration until it is processed into powder.  Wapiti Park Velvet is processed by thawing the frozen product in a controlled environment and then it is freeze dried. The furry Velvet covering is then stripped off and the Antler is chopped and ground into powder. The powder that is required for the production Velvet Extract is separated and goes through a further  triple extraction process , two of which involve  water and alcohol . It can be processed into various strengths of Ng active.

It is important to note that all of Wapiti Park’s Velvet products are produced from ‘whole-stick’ Velvet  Antler and that our powders are ‘ standardized ‘ to guarantee the stated levels of active.

We unreservedly guarantee the quality of our products.